Terms of Service

You must read and agree to all terms in this document before using our services. By using orcontinuing to use Cloudlaya.com(Technozlife information technology Pvt. ltd) services, you areautomatically agreeing to the terms of this document.

Cloudlaya.com(Technozlife information technology Pvt. Ltd) is a burgeoning cloud serviceprovider based in Kathmandu, Nepal. In the era of the digital transformation, we are offeringseveral services like domain registration, web hosting, email hosting and managed VPS hostingservices.

The terms and conditions to be followed by our customer/user are listed below:

● Misuse of the allotted server space, bandwidth etc. By the client will lead to a reductionin the space and facility given.

● Distribution of free email IDs or Webspace to any person other than the ones related tothe website owner or the company automatically gives Cloudlaya.com the right todecrease the number of email IDs provided.

● Any illegal activities happening in the websites under our service will be immediatelysealed and the local authorities will be contacted immediately as per theIT rules laid outby the Nepalese and International IT Act. We will be not held responsible for the contentsof the website.

● Intentionally tampering (Hacking or sending virus) of our server by a client will see theaccount suspended. Any client or other person trying to perform any nature of test(security, automation, transactional ) should be performed with the authorization ofCloudlaya.com and under the supervision.

● Customers are advised to maintain data backups on their home computers or hard disks toensure that they have ready access to their data. we recommend all our clients to takeregular backups for all their important e-mails and data by forwarding mails to otherdomain email IDs or by using Outlook. You can easily backup your data from the webhosting tool we provide you.

● Customers should also maintain their payment confirmation details that have been paid tous for activation of the orders. It is also advisable to maintain the backup of our first mailwhich is sent to you after activation of your order and contains your User ID andpassword. By using the details provided, we will be able to provide you Technical/Billingsupport and activation/renew/control panel/reset password facility etc.

● We reserve the right to change prices listed on our site, and to increase/decrease theamount of resources given to plans at any time.

● We only allow our customers to use our SMTP server without using any illegaltechniques and any unauthorized use of our SMTP server such as spam mail is notallowed.

● In case of any tampering done to our network security, we will take immediate actionagainst the respective hosting account.

● 72 hours past your due date, your account will be suspended. Accounts will be terminatedif we do not receive payment within 7 days after the due date.

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